Smuggler Gets Caught With 51 Turtles In His Pants While Trying To Cross The US/Canada Border

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The Guardian- A Canadian college student caught at a border checkpoint with 51 live turtles in his pants has pleaded guilty to six smuggling charges in the US. Kai Xu, 27, of Windsor, Ontario, admitted to smuggling or trying to smuggle more than 1,600 turtles of different species out of the United States from April 2014 until his arrest in September 2014. Each of the six counts carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. In August 2014 Xu crossed the US-Canada border into Detroit and was watched by US agents as he picked up a package at a parcel center, then appeared to transfer items before heading back to the border, according to a criminal complaint. When he passed back through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, Xu was stopped by Canadian Border Services, which found and seized 41 live turtles taped to his legs and 10 hidden between his legs, the district court in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was told. The day of his arrest Xu packed more than 1,000 turtles into suitcases that he sent with a runner he had hired to fly them to Shanghai from Detroit, prosecutors said. US District Judge John Corbett O’Meara scheduled sentencing for next April in Ann Arbor. Xu has been held in federal custody since his arrest.




There is always one question I have when a ridiculous story like this happens: How did this person get to that point in their life? Sometimes you hear people say they wish they could watch a highlight reel of their parents’ lives so they can see what their parents were like when they were younger. Before they had kids and turned into the current versions of themselves who you’ve always known. Well I wish there was a highlight reel of this guy’s life showing the major moments that led up to the moment he got arrested for smuggling 51 turtles in his drawers. I would watch the shit outta that highlight reel. What twists and turns and bad luck had to happen where it eventually led to somebody saying to him, “Alright now you gotta shove 51 turtles in your pants and try to cross the US/Canada border. Good luck and god speed.” Like what the fuck? I just assume this guy had a normal childhood with a Mom and a Dad and a white picket fence. Let’s say that’s how everyone’s life starts. The things that have to happen to a person where they end up in federal custody with a crotch full of turtles have to be riveting.