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Video Surfaces Of Jahlil Okafor's SECOND Street Fight Where He Beats The Piss Out Of His Prey

Um…yeah. Not a good look. Many people are trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but it’s tough after watching this one. No, you can’t excuse Jahlil for “being a 19-year-old kid with money” here, as you couldn’t for the first fight which apparently was minutes earlier. Trying to get into a bar* and driving at light speed over the Ben Franklin? Sure. Those are textbook stupid whippersnapper moves we’ve all done before. However, talking mega shit and throwing pillows on the street is inexcusable human behavior in general. You CAN’T be doing that when you’re A) 7 ft tall, B) A world famous basketball player, and C) A man with a lifetime ahead of him to lose. Screw TMZ swiping up the video and rightfully damaging Okafor’s reputation, what if one of his overhand hammers sent his prey face first into a curb and he ended up in a coma and/or dying? A scary thought, but something not that far out of the realm. Okafor could’ve spent his entire adult life like Rae Carruth. Hopefully someone slaps the shit out of him and common sense comes through soon before it’s too late. And if the Sixers aren’t getting a “Bodyguard” (aka someone in his posse who knows martial arts, how to use a gun, and common sense) to get sewn to Okafor’s hip then they definitely should think about it now.

*I’ve talked to friends at Misconduct – the bar in question and a Smitty frequented spot that has A+++ Mac n’ Cheese – about Okafor trying to use a fake to get in and drink. They said he didn’t have a fake but just tried to get into the bar. Still stupid as everyone knows who the fuck he is, but he didn’t have a fake if that matters.