All New York Teams Squaring Off Against Each Other In The Same Week For The First Time Since 1988

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Islanders vs Rangers tonight.

Knicks vs Nets Friday.

Jets vs Giants Sunday.

Hell of a week for New York Sports and its a perfect storm that hasnt happened in almost 30 years. The Isles vs Rangers showdown is the only one with real juice. Two teams in the same division separated by only a handful of points. The Rangers at times looking like this may finally be the year they get their Cup. The Isles trying to make their way in their new home as the franchise transitions. Tonight at the Barclays Center there’s bound to be a few fistfight over some “Potvin Sucks” chants. Thats just how hockey animals roll.

Jets Giants is more of a novelty than anything. There’s not that true “bad blood” that exists in the Isles Rangers or Mets Yankees. There’s true hatred in hockey and baseball. Not so much in football. That’s not to say there isnt any rivalry at all. Victor Cruz’s 99 yard touchdown still haunts every Jets fan to this day. And when Giants fans get all high and mighty its infuriating. But thats a rarity. Giants fans arent that big of dicks, really. Which is weird because they are almost all exclusively Yankees fans, and Yankees fans are the biggest cocksuckers in the world. It doesnt make any sense but thats just the way it is. Regardless of the history and the fan dynamic, a playoff spot is potentially on the line for the Jets and although things look bleak for the Giants after last week’s loss to the Skins, literally anything is possible in the NFC East. Plus all the bragging rights come Sunday.

And the Knicks Nets features the latest breakout star in the NBA, Godzingis AKA Three Six Latvia AKA The Reverse Jackie Robinson AKA Mr. Steal Yo Girl. Kristaps [woop, woop] Porzingis. Knicks are in a pseudo-rebuild after last year’s debacle and the Nets are just a dumpster fire of epic proportion but take one look at this hype video tonight and tell me you’re not amped up for this game:


Its the Kristaps Effect. Plus you throw in the Battle Of The McPoyles AKA the Lopez Twins and you’ve got yourself some storylines for what ordinarily has been a complete afterthought of a game on the NY sports schedule.

Toss in the Islanders-Blues Barstool At The Barclays outing this Friday and that is a jam packed week of big events for the area. Friday’s all you can drink Isles outing is sold out but we’ve added two more games to the schedule, plus our Knicks vs Nets outing in February is still on sale:

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