Orlando Johnson Put John Stockton's Son David In A Body Bag Last Night

WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTARRRRRR!!! Can you imagine if this dunk had happened at the Rucker?  People would be jumping out of their apartments just to get involved in the scrum/orgy on the court.  I think the next course of action is for Karl Malone to try and murder Orlando Johnson.  Him and Stockton had that weird love for each other that seemed a little more than just being teammates.  Don’t believe me?  Look what Malone did to Isiah Thomas after Isiah dropped 44 on Stockton because Thomas was pissed Stockton made the Dream Team over him.

But if Malone doesn’t kill him first, I need the Westchester Knicks to trade for Orlando Johnson.  Throwback NBA player name, dunks on fools and would be the perfect complement for Jimmer raining treys from the Hudson River.

Seeing that dunk reminded me of the old Tom Chambers over Mark Jackson dunk.  Chambers hit Jackson with his knees and kept rising.  One of the rare white on black dunks in NBA history, at least before the Hammer of Godzingis started falling from the clouds.



Speaking of Chambers, nothing beats when he used to dunk from the 3-point line in Lakers vs. Celtics.  Unstoppable like Madden Vick.