ISIS Guy Tries To Fire A Rocket Launcher In A Super Small Room And Goes Bye Bye



I can’t get enough of these videos where ISIS morons get blown the fuck up due to their own stupidity. If that makes me sick and twisted then so be it.  Every time one of these idiots does this, it’s a win for the good guys and humanity.  The good guys being all of the normal people in the world who don’t kill innocent people for literally no reason. The best part is you just know what he was thinking because if you’ve ever been on social media for 14 seconds you know the type.  Like a chick who finally gets the perfect lighting and the perfect angle and takes the perfect selfie, “Awwwww hell yeah.  This shit is gonna get hella Likes on Facebook and Twitter. I’m gonna be swimming in Likes.  Might mess around and drown. I’m thinking triple digits.” And he was right. That video is gonna get hella Likes but probably not for the reason he wanted. Or maybe it is.  These dudes loves being martyrs for their cause. If his cause was social media stardom then he nailed it. Ka boom.