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Anonymous Is Now Going After The YouTube Prankster Who Made The "Best Friend Murder" Prank Video

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The Week- Hacktivist collective Anonymous has threatened YouTube ‘prankster’ Sam Pepper over his latest provocative video, which is entitled “Killing best friend prank”. Apparently unmoved by previous accusations of tastelessness, the 26-year-old former Big Brother contestant released footage of a young man being fooled into thinking his best friend had been murdered in front of him. Two friends, Sam Golbach and Colby Brock, are kidnapped and taken to a rooftop where a man in a mask ties Golbach to a chair and makes him watch as he appears to shoot his friend Brock, who is in on the prank. Golbach is left visibly distressed and screaming. Now hacktivist group Anonymous has demanded the video should be taken down. “We’ve been notified of a sick, disturbing video uploaded by @sampepper. Yet again, he uses violent abuse to garner subscribers,” said the group in a tweet. “This video must be taken down. @SamPepper you have been warned. You have 24 hours or we will unleash f***ing hell on you,” it said.



I love these guys. When somebody is being an asshole, like this Sam Pepper fella making “prank” videos of people getting shot in the head in front of their best friend LOL, but not necessarily breaking the law they always seem to step in and do the right thing.  Is there a scarier group in the world than Anonymous?  I don’t think so.  They’re scary because I don’t know what they’re capable of. That’s their greatest asset as a group of hackers. I have no idea how far their reach goes and that unknown makes them super duper scary.  In my head, they control everything. Literally everything. My TV, my bank account, my light bill, my Christmas tree, traffic lights, everything.  Even if that’s not true, I don’t know that it’s not true so I just assume it’s true. What I’m saying is this Sam Pepper dipshit should be scared. Real scared. Working on the internet and being in the crosshairs of Anonymous is like working a drug stash in West Baltimore and being in the crosshairs of Omar Little. Eventually they’re going to get what they want because they’re smarter and more ruthless than you.



And just look at this guy.  He deserves it.


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