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Am I Too Old Too Say “That’s What’s Up”?


So I saw Creed over Thanksgiving Day Weekend. I thought it was really good just like everybody else. But one of my big takeaways is I loved how everybody always said “That’s What’s Up” instead of cool. I instantly adopted it into my vocabulary and started using it all the time. Made me feel young and alive again. Then the First Lady quickly rained on my parade as she is prone to do and told me I was too old to be using that type of lingo. Oh really? I’m too old to be saying “That’s What’s Up”?  I don’t think so. Maybe too white, but not too old. Bottomliine is my job is to stay young. Stay relevant. Stay hip.  Therefore “that’s what’s up” is here to stay. You heard it here first. Only squids say “cool” still. I lead. I don’t follow. That’s what’s up.

PS – If I’m late to “That’s What’s Up” game, I don’t even want to know. I think it would break me.