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The Joint Patriots Gronk Family Injury Report Now Makes Sense: Gronk Got Paid By Bleacher Report To Announce His Injury

Now it all makes sense!  I should have known it was something like this.  Gronk is getting paid to sponsor every single aspect of his life so it’s only natural he’d be getting paid to profit off his own injury reports.   Duh.  How did I not see that?  Clearly he told the Pats he was doing this and they wanted to issue the press release first. Phew.  Can breath easy again. If I were the Pats I wouldn’t have even bothered though with the press release. Just raised red flags when there were none.

PS – How much do you think Bleacher Report pays for this?  Can’t be alot right?  I mean I love Gronk but these videos suck.  Not just with him, but with all the athletes.  They don’t open up at all.  Seriously I think I saw Gronk;s brain break for a minute trying to stay on script.

Double PS – I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Gronk was explaining to Belichick what he had to do here.