College Football Playoff Rankings 5.0

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Well for the first time in 5 tries, nothing really interesting happened with the Playoff Rankings. Pretty much exactly what everyone in the world expected.

So I guess we’ll talk about some hypotheticals instead coming down to the final weekend and the Conference Championship games…

If UNC beats Clemson, are they in?

12-1. 12 wins in a row. Blowing teams out and right up there with ‘Bama as one of the best “eye test” teams in the nation lately. Beating Clemson would be the biggest win of the season and make them ACC champs. That enough to jump over Ohio State and Stanford?

Short answer – no.

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I mean that’s just way too soft. TWO FCS teams. Impressive wins were…what…V Tech? Pitt? Don’t get me wrong I love this UNC team and would actually love to see them in the Playoff, but if we’re sticking with the big picture and strength of schedule criteria I don’t think the committee can justify putting them in.

If they beat Clemson by like, 40 points though? In some ultra-convincing curb stomping performance on national TV? If Marquise Williams hangs a Duke game on them?

Who knows.

I do know I’m not sure I could emotionally handle seeing Sad Dabo.

Is Oklahoma locked in at #3?

Best thing that could happen for the Sooners is that they’re done playing. Seriously remember last year? TCU was #3, blew out Iowa State, then dropped to 6 in the final rankings. Big 12 got shit on. So Oklahoma ends up 11-1 and the undisputed Big 12 champ – and if you’re a Sooner fan, you got to like what you’re reading in between the lines from Jeff Long:

“Things could affect where Oklahoma stands,” he said. But he also noted that there was serious debate about Nos. 1 and 2 and Nos. 4 and 5, but not much about No. 3. “The fact that most of the discussion and debate was above them and below them would indicate that their position at 3 was pretty solid with the committee.” “The Oklahoma résumé is deep with four top 25 victories in our current rankings,” Long said, “and then three other wins over teams with winning records.”


PS – Could definitely see them drop to 4 if Iowa or Michigan State blows the other one out in the B1G Championship – just don’t think it’s possible they drop out all together.

If Florida beats Alabama will there be no SEC teams in the final 4?

“If Florida beats Bama” LOL. I said hypotheticals, not ridiculous questions. Next.

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I honestly wonder what would happen though, if no SEC team was in the college football playoff. Complete global chaos? Secession of the South? Emergency meeting of the board to expand the field to 8 or 16 effective immediately?

Probably just cancel it.

Big one: If Clemson or ‘Bama lose, who is in…Ohio State or Stanford?

Ohio State…mainly just wishful thinking, because I really hope I don’t have to apologize to Desmond fucking Howard for this savage mocking I gave him.

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11-1 season and ending it with an exclamation point with the absolute destruction of ranked Michigan in the Big House. Still didn’t play anybody before that (except the only other ranked team on their schedule, whom they lost to) and still didn’t win the conference.

Meanwhile Stanford…assuming they beat USC Saturday…would be Pac 12 champs, with a much more impressive schedule.

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Wins over #6 USC, #6 Notre Dame, demolishing #18 UCLA. That’s a strong to quite-strong resume.

Only going on 1 year of results here though so not really sure how the committee deals with everything – and they do seem to like Ohio State a lot.

Should be interesting. See everybody Saturday.