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Reporter Tells A FHRITP Heckler, "That's Exactly What I Did To Your Mother Buddy"



Remember these?!?!?!  The super hilarious FHRITP videos that took the interwebs by storm 6 years ago (when I tell stories something either happened 4 months ago or 6 years ago. No in-between. I have a hard time grasping time and dates and when stuff actually took place so I have go-to amounts of time). That’s the perfect response right there from that reporter though. The one and only way to fight someone being vile and gross is to be even ore vile and gross then them. Fight fire with fire.  It strips away their power and leaves them naked.  That was perfectly played by Joe Galli.  I guarantee the guy who yelled FHRITP feels real stupid and defeated right now.  And yes, that reporter is for sure getting fired but at least he can hold his head high knowing he found the cheat code to defeat FHRITP. That’s a W. Not a W that’s going to pay the bills but a W nonetheless.