Zuckerberg Pledges To Donate to 45 Billion Dollars To Charity (99% of His Wealth)



Haha! WHAT AN IDIOT! Way to give away 99% of your net worth you asshole. Turns out Zuckerberg is not only an uglier version of me but he apparently has a smaller brain too. Who gives away 45 billion dollars? Dummies that’s who. I suck at math but I think this means he’ll have 500 million or so left? Can you even buy a sports team for that type of chump change? I don’t think so. Go back to the Vineyard you loser! And what does he mean he’s gonna donate it during the course of his life? Donating after you turn 75 or older doesn’t count. Money is pretty much useless then anyway because you’re old and nursing homes steal it all anyway. At least that’s what my parents say. So donate it all now or shut up Zuckerberg.

PS – His kid is gonna be so pissed when he realizes that Daddy gave away all his inheritance. Could be getting his dick sucked by supermodels jet setting across the globe and instead he’s working in a soup kitchen. I’d kill my parents if they pulled this shit on me. Bloodlines, dynasties, power, legacy, that’s what I’m trying to build over here.

Update - I guess Zuckerberg has a daughter not a son? HAHA…WHAT AN IDIOT! Not even powerful enough to have a boy. Only poor people have daughters.

Double PS – None of this should be surprising. Guy doesn’t even have a hot wife. Who the fuck has 45 billion and doesn’t have a hot wife? It’s insanity. Learn how to be rich for me 1 time dude. #teameduardo all day long.