ESPN's Power Rankings Have The Bears Dropping A Point After Beating The Packers, IDIOTS!

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Now I know what you’re all thinking. Big Cat, it’s just a silly little rankings, it literally means nothing, don’t be one of those guys that gets upset when an analyst doesn’t pick your team, that makes you seem insecure and crazy. Well guess what, no. I can’t take this. I’m angry, in fact I’m more than angry, I’m livid. If someone doesn’t like my team, or has an opinion about them that I don’t agree with, I need to get PISSED OFF and insult them. How else will people know my team is doing well? How else will people know that I am a man that likes my team and other manly things? I mean how can you have the Bears drop a spot after beating the Packers? How is that possible. If the internet was a village ESPN would be the village idiot right now. It’s the most bizarro logic in the world. But I guess nothing should surprise us from the village idiot. After all you don’t become the village idiot by not saying things like this.