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Kean University Black Lives Matter Protest Marred By Death Threats Made Against All Black Students By Member of Black Lives Matter Protest Who Was At the Protest....Whoops


These threats were made in the middle of a Black Lives Protest at Kean University.







By this girl who actually showed up at the rally, took a quick break, started an anonymous twitter account, threatened to kill all black people and then showed back up at the rally and warned everybody of the threats..




Her plan was going swimmingly until the University investigated and you know she got arrested.






This is the definition of getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.   One second you’re accusing white people of trying to kill you and the next second we find out it was you threatening to kill everybody.  I hate when that happens.  It’s times like these I wish Mo still worked here.  I have so many questions for him.  I mean rational black people have to be distancing themselves from Black Lives Matter movement right?  Maybe they already have.  Because these people are fucking nuts.  Just total looney birds. It wouldn’t shock me if one of these maniacs actually killed themselves and blamed it on a honkey just to raise awareness.  Again I don’t care what color skin you got.  I don’t care if you’re straight, gayball, man, woman, black, white etc.  DO NOT CARE.  But these Black Lives Matter people are fucking insane.  The fact that the PC Police and school administrators bend over backwards to appease them is even more insane.  From a rich privileged while male’s perspective I feel like these people are hurting not helping their cause.  Agree or disagree Mo?