If You Don't Think ESPN Purposefully Put Chris Broussard Into The Gay Athlete Conversation Then You Have Severely Underestimated The Powers Of ESPN


I know everyone is somewhat over this story because it dominated the news yesterday but I wanted to make this quick point. Do people realize what ESPN did here? Sports Illustrated landed one of the biggest stories of the year. A story that ESPN would have killed to have. A story that will make Sports Illustrated a good amount of money in clicks and magazine sales. So what does ESPN do when they get scooped? They purposefully pick out one their most backward thinking analysts, a guy who has been on the record as saying he does not agree with homosexuality (he has done all of this before) and they throw him front and center. Put him on national television to speak out against the gay lifestyle and basically shout out an antiquated line of thinking. And what’s the fall out? No one is talking about Jason Collins anymore. EVERYONE is talking about Chris Broussard and how big of an idiot he is. You see what they just did there? They literally stole the story from Sports Illustrated by reducing the conversation to its lowest common denominator. Now you can say this wasn’t on purpose or that wasn’t their intention. Even ESPN said that with their fake ass apology.


We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins’ announcement.


But anyone with half a brain can understand what happened yesterday. ESPN did what ESPN does. They create a fake controversy, they steer the dialogue and then pretend that they are just “having a discussion” on what people are talking about even though no one was actually talking about it. But not according to ESPN. And this is exactly why I hate everything about them. It’s shit like this. It’s fucking disgusting and they know there are basically zero consequences to this because they essentially have a monopoly on sports coverage. Its an absolute joke.