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Roethlisberger Says He Thought He "Aced" His Concussion Test, He Failed.

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Concussions aren’t funny but this is fucking funny. Just imagine Big Ben coming out of that concussion test, chest high, chins up, telling everyone in the locker room that he aced his test.


“Hey Ben, how’d that concussion test go?”

“Pffft, easy as shit dude, didn’t even study and I aced that fucker. They even asked me what day it was, HA!”


Then probably took everyone to PF Changs for lunch to celebrate passing. Gets back to find out he in fact does have a concussion and probably doesn’t even remember taking the test in the first place. That’s a QB you can win with. That’s why the guy has 2 rings. You can concuss Ben’s brain but you can’t concuss his swagger.



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