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Panthers Fan Gets Unnecessarily Chokholded To Hell By Cowboys Security, Will Become America's Next Millionaire

YouTube Description From A Dallas Fan Uploader -

Nice work Dallas Stadium security for throwing a guy out of the game that was”respectively” CHERI g for the other team. As a Cowboy fan I was humiliated and very disappointed when some other “COWARD” Cowboy fans said he was throwing items on the field – and then quickly exited the stadium. I hope the video tape from all the cameras requires you to giving this visiting fan an apology (and to his mother that was with him)!

And I say “Next” millionaire because any grown man who wears a team construction hat hasn’t crossed into 7-figure territory yet. But for real, if all accounts are true and this dude was in no wrong then CHA-MOTHERFUCKING-CHING! This guy’s eyes rolled backwards into his head and right into Scrooge McDuck’s vault. We’re talking oil field and Glory Hole money, here. Start writing the check now, Jer. I’d definitely let a scrawny security guard put me to sleep for that kind of cash. The longer I stop breathing the more zero’s I see in my bank account if/when I wake up. Totally worth it to toss out the canned tuna and upgrade to those elitist packets. If anything this Panthers fan should get our old Texas Lawyer amigo Adam Reposa on the case, assuming he’s still alive and well. Which are both huge assumptions.

The security guard got less aroused than Dolph Ziggler when performing his patented Sleeper Hold, but still had that same madman look in the eyes. You don’t mess with someone willing to go right for the airways. Real or fake.

h/t BC