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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Lit His Father On Fire Because He Told Him To Turn His Music Down?

I guess it’s just light people on fire day!


Oklahoma City, OK (The Weekly Vice) – David Smith, a 38-year-old Oklahoma man, has jailed Monday after he allegedly set his father on fire during an argument over loud music.

According to Oklahoma City Police, Smith was sitting on his bedroom floor listening to music when his father walked in and asked him to turn the music down.

Instead, Smith turned the music up, which sparked an argument between the two men. In retaliation, Smith grabbed a can of gasoline from the kitchen, poured it on his father, then used a cigarette to set him on fire.

The father and a woman living at the residence put out the flames while Smith fled the scene. The victim was rushed to an area hospital where he was treated for burns to his chest, legs and face.

Police located Smith walking down a street wearing a necklace made out of prescription pills. He did not have a prescription for the pills.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail and charged with attempted murder, first-degree arson and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription


Here’s what I don’t understand. If your 38 year old son lives in your house, why would you ever tell him to do anything ever? I’m talking taking out the trash, turning his music down, cleaning his room, passing you the remote, literally anything. At some point a man goes from “Kid who is still living at home until he gets his feet under him” into “Man who is rock bottom, living at home just waiting to light his father on fire”. And David Smith passed that point probably 15 years ago. You think he has anything to lose? You think lighting his dad on fire is a bad thing? He’s 38 years old. He lives at home. He literally has nothing to lose. You interrupted a 38 year old man sitting on his bedroom floor in his father’s home listening to music. He was already rock bottom, lighting you on fire changed nothing. So yeah, I do blame the dad here, you have to be smarter than this, you just have to.