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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man That Would Rob A Pastor At Knife Point?

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.32.21 AM



(Source) An Independence man has been charged with first-degree attempted robbery after he allegedly grabbed the keys of a pastor’s truck and demanded money. Prosecutors also charged Robert Michael, 31, with armed criminal action.

According to court records: The pastor told police that Michael entered his Oak Grove church on Nov. 19 and talked with him for about 30 minutes before saying he had family problems and needed a ride to Independence.

The pastor decided the only way to get Michael to leave was to give him a ride. The pastor said he grew nervous after Michael told him during the ride that he had served 10 years in a Texas prison. The pastor said that after he stopped the truck outside a home near Independence Square, Michael tried twice to steal the keys from the ignition. On the second try, the pastor grabbed the keys and began to leave the truck. Michael demanded all the pastor’s money while holding what the pastor thought was a knife.

The pastor left the truck, flagged the driver of a passing car and told her he was being robbed. The driver called 911 as Michael walked away from the truck. The pastor gave officers a description of Michael’s clothes and the tattoos covering his face. Officers soon arrested Michael.





Feel like we’ve gotta hear both sides here. Need to get Robert Michael’s side of the story before we jump to any conclusions on alleged crimes and robbing pastors. And yes I know what you’re thinking, you read this story and immediately think, this guy is guilty, just look at his names, you can never ever trust a guy with two first names. And normally I would agree but I’m in a giving mood today and this is my token to Robert Michael, I’m going to hold back judgement until we get a full trial. Judging a book by its cover, or in this case by judging a person solely by his birth name just seems wrong. I’m on your side Robert Michael, for now.





What the fuck is the deal with this pastor?

The pastor said he grew nervous after Michael told him during the ride that he had served 10 years in a Texas prison. 


That’s when you got nervous? That was the moment you said to yourself oh fuck this could be bad? Not when you saw the guy with fire flames on his eyes and an AK-47 tattoo’d on his neck? Come on man, pick better random felons to give rides to.