David Spade Went On Conan And Re-Told The Story About How "Fat Guy In A Little Coat" Came About



What is David Spade promoting?  Why is he on all of these late night TV shows telling Chris Farley stories?  We need him promoting stuff 365 days a year because it’s awesome. Stories on stories on stories. Doesn’t matter that I already knew the Fat Guy In A Little Coat story. I enjoyed hearing it again. Part of the enjoyment is watching a comedy legend like Conan fawn over Farley. Pretty amazing. Even though it’s been so long since Farley died I do sometimes feel bad for Spade when he goes on these shows to promote something of his (I think he’s promoting a book. I went to his Twitter, scrolled for .5 seconds and saw a book) and the host is always like, “Tell us about Farley.” That’s gotta be weird. He basically goes on national television and people ask him, “Hey remember your best friend who died of a drug overdose? Tell us about him.”  I mean I love it but I wonder if Spade gets annoyed by it. Or maybe he likes talking about Farley. Who knows. Hard to feel too bad for Spade when has a track record for having slept with almost every hot chick in Hollywood so his life could be worse.