Kobe Bryant Spotted Getting His Cheesesteak On In Larry's Steaks At St. Joe's, Has Officially Given Up

That’s it. Kobe has officially thrown in the towel and is waiting for his banner to go up in the rafters. During the championship years, seeing the man smiling and letting loose off the court mid-season was as rare as a bigfoot sighting. There was no enjoyment outside of winning and taking care of his body was numero uno. Now he’s having a good ol’ time scarfing down while cheesesteaks chugging fake Purple Drank without a care in the world. And can you blame him? The man basically put in his two-weeks notice in the cube now is spending his time doing dick around the office cause there’s absolutely nothing to lose. It’s not like the Lakers are going anywhere even if he was 100% and in his prime.

It’s just weird actually seeing one of the most competitive and angry men in the universe let loose and relax like this. Thank God for basketball because if it wasn’t for the game, Kobe may have taken up hunting man for sport.