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ECHL Game Ends In Post-Shootout Fight At Center Ice

Fight starts around the 1:40 mark…

Well there was some crazy action in the ECHL this past weekend in case you haven’t been keeping up quite as well as you’d like to. The Elmira Jackals took down the Adirondack Thunder 5-4 in a shootout off a pretty little forehand-backhand move in front of the hometown crowd (speaking of which, looks like I really need to make my way out to an ECHL game soon because the atmosphere was electric). Well anyway, as you can tell, Adirondack goaltender Ken Appleby was none to please with getting toyed for the loss and/or the celebration after and/or is just a goalie so he acts like a maniac on the reg and chased down the goalscorer. And that’s where we got ourselves a real life version of Youngblood.

Adirondack’s Luke Curadi then stepped up to fight this battle for his tendy and we had a main event at center ice between Curadi and Elmira’s Garrett Klotz (what a name). Everyone else backed off, circled up, the two went at each other, and the fans were treated to a show.  I said this earlier last year when people were starting to get fed up with the shootout in the NHL. But I really think that instead of 3 on 3 overtime, which has been awesome don’t get me wrong, there should just be a 1-on-1 fight at center ice to determine the winner. Game’s tied at the end of regulation? Go throw your biggest and baddest mother fucker out there to fight for victory. Seems like the ECHL is really onto something here because walk-off fights are always going to be more exciting than a shootout.

Curadi and Klotz were both suspended for the next game but who gives a shit because that was awesome.

BONUS ECHL COVERAGE: Here’s a brawl that ended with a goalie fight between the Colorado Eagles and Florida Everblades. Also from this past weekend.

h/t Luke