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Woman Is Scared For Her Safety Because Her Delivery Man Texted Her

Daily Mail- A woman who ordered a set of drawers online was left outraged when her delivery driver saved her mobile number and used it to ‘flirt’ with her. Alena Faulkner, 24, from Crawley, West Sussex, used the Yodel delivery service for a second time when she bought some storage units off eBay. The large order came over two days and was delivered by the same driver both times – who then saved her number into his phone in order to text her the following week. Alena, who was not happy with the unwarranted contact, said: ‘It’s not professional for Yodel drivers to use their service as a dating site. ‘It’s completely illegal and against the data protection act.’ Alena contacted Yodel on November 20 to make a complaint, and the company replied to say that they had deleted the number from his phone. But Alena is concerned that he was not disciplined more firmly and says she fears for her safety. She said: ‘Yodel agreed he was wrong and emailed me back to say that they’d spoken to the driver, took my number out of his phone and that the next time it will be a different delivery driver who comes to my place. ‘But the problem is they just took his phone and deleted the messages and put him on a different route. ‘He was trying to hit on me – otherwise he would never have messaged me a week later. ‘It’s really made me worry – that man knows where I live.’



Okay lady lets take one or two deep breaths, pop a couple of those chill pills and dial back the crazy one billion notches. Just because your delivery man thinks you’re cute does not mean he is trying to kill you; you don’t live in a god damn lifetime movie. It’s people like this (among many other things) that give women a bad name and why men think we’re so crazy. Yes, the sad lonely delivery man was definitely hitting on you and was just trying to get laid. Men are always just trying to get laid and it’s a lot harder for them than it is for girls (come on this guys a fucking yodel delivery man give him a break I’m sure he’s not exactly a stud). So, they try and think of different ways to stand out from the next guy. He was just using what he had on hand to do so. Just like that Starbucks barista who wrote that he thought that girl was cute on her cup, that’s his thing. Maybe this delivery guy should pick a new thing and not take numbers off of his route list because yeah, that’s a little invasive. They deleted your number and gave him a different route which is the most realistic form of punishment. Just because he knows where you live doesn’t mean he’s going to stalk you, he probably didn’t even like you that much. You’re just another girl on his delivery route, another number to text and another chance to strike out. So, don’t flatter yourself.