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Has Tim Duncan Always Dressed Like A 6 Year Old On The First Day Of School?

So I saw this last night and I was kind of shocked. Like I know Tim Duncan is as white as a black guy can get, but this just seems weird doesn’t it? He literally looks like my first day of second grade, when my mom took me to Old Navy and I got a new shirt, pair of jeans and backpack for a total of $14.99. And you know what, I kind of like it. Sure its out of place for a 7 foot black man to be dressing like a suburban white child but everyone else in the NBA is in a secret contest of who can look like the bigger douchebag…


And Tim Duncan just doesn’t give a fuck. Either way, I’m on board, beat of a different drummer, respect.



By far the best picture of the playoffs thus far. The old hand holding shoulder massage move. Perfect



FYI – Had no idea his mom died of cancer, whoops!