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Reports Say Gronk May Not Even Miss A Game.





Wow! What an exciting turn of events. One second you’re down in the dumps and the next second you’re stronger than ever. I mean I haven’t seen a triumph of the human spirit like this since Paul Pierce got carted off the Parquet in a wheel chair in the NBA Finals only to come back and hit the game winner. Just Boston men picking themselves up off the canvas when it looked like they were down for the count and returning to combat when others would be curled up in a ball crying in their foxholes. That’s what it means to be Boston tough.

Now the question is how to proceed. Usually I’d say rest Gronk 4 weeks, but I’m not sure they can. Not if Amendola is still out. That’s what everybody who was bitching about the play calling last night seems to forget. Brady is getting pummeled the last 2 weeks because he has nobody to throw to. You can’t just have him sit back there and chuck it all day because he’s gonna get murdered. You need to run the ball. You need to protect him. When Edelman, Amendola and Gronk are out there he gets rid of it before a pass rush can get to him. When you got gas station clerks and grocery baggers at WR he needs to hold onto it longer. So it’s kind of a catch 22. In order to protect Brady you need Gronk and Amendola back quickly. Otherwise people are just going to have to accept the fact we’re gonna run it a ton even if it’s not working and play close games. Brady is clearly the guy who makes this all go. You can’t just let him get lit up 20 times a game and that’s what will happen until some of our weapons get back on the field.

PS – Last night’s scare makes me appreciate this season and this team that much more. Makes you realize how fleeting this all is. How fast it can come and go. I mean you never want to lose, but in a weird way I’m thankful for last night. Just makes me realize how lucky I am to root for such a great team that never loses.