Oreo Keeps Churning Out New Flavors, Today's Being S'Mores

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.13.57 PM


FoodBeast - Just last week Oreo released its new red velvet flavor, conveniently in time for Valentine’s Day, and now a leaked photo of S’mores Oreos give campers and nostalgic scouts a reason to get excited. S’more-flavored Oreos make perfect sense and it feels like it should have been a stock flavor years ago. They’re going to have a graham cracker outer layer, with both chocolate and marshmallow creme filling.


I’ll tell you why I’m not excited about these- you can’t recreate s’mores. It’s one of those foods that needs to be authentic or not made at all. If your s’more isn’t made with you at some point holding a jumbo marshmallow on a stick over a fire while shoveling 10 other giant marshmallows down your gullet while it’s roasting, then it’s not a s’more at all. Some things are just worth waiting for to get the real thing. Once you water down a s’more, you ruin the integrity of the bonfire, which basically means you just ruined BBQs too. Just as a general rule: if you’re eating a s’more somewhere you can’t also pee on a bush, you shouldn’t be eating that s’more at all.

(That being said, would.)