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Science Did It Again! Studies Reveal Student Loans Are Stresful

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NY Mag - Student loans are associated with poorer psychological health for both college students and young adults who’ve graduated, according to the results of new research that will not shock anyone who has ever faced the daunting task of paying off such debt. But the study, published in the January edition of Social Science & Medicine, is notable because it’s among the first to establish a link between student loans and a decrease in mental health in the scientific literature.


To paraphrase a horse owner, “did science do it again…or did science do it again?” Science absolutely did it again. Studies show that student debt causes stress. Thank you science. Which means school is literally bad for your health. So basically, science is saying don’t go to school. And I agree to a point. College is one of the biggest scams going. And it’s for two reasons: 1) because most of us are idiots and 2) because it is jammed down our throats how important it is to go to college, which it shouldn’t be.

Schools offer degrees in art and creative writing and other shit like that where 1% of the graduates are going to get a job doing what they want, 99% are just lighting money on fire to get a thing called a “degree” because we are told that is a thing we need. Stop signing up for those majors, they are worthless. Very, very, verrrrry few people I know actually need that 4 year education to do their job. Most of the 9-5 cube monkey jobs you learn everything you need on the job. Of course this isn’t for all jobs, but it’s for a lot. But the fact we are supposed to take 4 years to get that well rounded education- taking all those CORE classes like earth science and some random bullshit math is just insane. The only real thing you learn in college is how to operate while hungover, how to talk to other people without sounding like an asshole, and how to trick girls into sleeping with you. Everything else you pick up while you are there is just a bonus. And then 30-40k in student loans later, voila, you are now a prime candidate for a job…you know, more qualified than someone who has been working since they were 18 because they couldn’t afford college.