This Barber Who Gives Kids Old-Man Haircuts As Punishment Is One Of The Funniest/Saddest Things I've Ever Seen

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WaPo - Got a kid who’s raising hell? Afraid the police will be called if you break out the belt? A suburban Atlanta barbershop may have a solution for you. Three days a week, parents can take their misbehaving kids to A-1 Kutz and ask for the “Benjamin Button Special,” which Russell Fredrick and his team of barbers are offering — free of charge — to parents who want to try a novel form of discipline. The cut involves shaving hair off the child’s crown until he begins to resemble a balding senior citizen, inviting that unique brand of adolescent humiliation that can only come from teasing classmates and unwanted attention.


I just can’t stop laughing at this poor kid’s face


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And the entire point of the haircut is so the kids get bullied in school. Hilarious. Every PSA out there trying to end bullying, and this barber is trying to do the opposite, it’s so genius. The South is a different animal. Out of every form of discipline possible, making kids who think they are in gangs but can’t even pour their own bowl of cereal old-man haircuts has to be the funniest thing ever.

The article then gets kind of awkward:


Xanthia Bianca Johnson, a Washington-based psychotherapist who works closely with adolescents and families, told The Post that in her experience, using shame as a disciplinary tool is often counterproductive. When children misbehave, she said, they’re letting parents know that they’re in distress.


Blah blah blah. Shame is the ONLY way. Don’t want to be made fun of for looking like grandad from the Boondocks? Don’t misbehave, it’s really that easy. Now, what these kids should do is flip it and reverse it on their parents. Make the old-man look the new hotness. Say the Neil look is what true ballers have.


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