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A Guy's Revenge On His Cheating Girlfriend Is Legitimately The Most Brutal Thing Anyone Has Posted Online


Uproxx – What do you do when you figure out your partner is cheating on you? Do you immediately storm into their home and demand answers or do you, like Youtube user beanyneilpudsey, wait three weeks, allow them to think they’re about to get sent on an amazing vacation, and then hit that cheater with a harsh dose of reality?

The video’s 16 minutes long—you need that to understand everything—but it’s totally worth it. If you want to skip right to the action, you might want to start watching halfway. Watching the whole thing, however, will prepare you for the epic payoff at the end. You’ve got the time, so why not settle in and witness the moment this woman goes from crying over the candles and roses to her shocked face when she realizes she’s been caught?


Nothing like a little feel-good story after the joyous obesity that is Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season. There’s no denying how vicious this guy’s revenge is and I’m sure anyone who’s ever been cheated on would love to do the same thing to the person who wronged them. But my question is if you go to this length and film a documentary-length video explaining and going through the situation, isn’t that way worse than cheating? A friend of a friend was dating some guy she met on Tinder or whatever and found out the guy she was dating actually had a live-in girlfriend so, rather than confront him about it then write him off, she found the guy’s girlfriend on Facebook, blew up the whole spot (resulting in just a “Really? REALLY?” text from him) and…I don’t know man. I love seeing people get their comeuppance — you do fucked up things, fucked up things should come back to you — but letting someone get in your head this bad where you gleefully unleash these levels of psychological warfare and I’m not entirely sure if the punishment fits the crime. I’d watch my ass if I were that Thomas Row dude who was banging her too, I’ll tell you that much.


That said, you won’t hear me speak anything ill of this guy because A) He has a fantastic accent and B) Anyone with that accent who’d go to this length to blow up his girl’s whole world is not someone you ever want to cross. He LOVED that woman and did this to her, what the fuck would he do to one of us? Good work man, keep doing you.