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Why Do The New York Jets Suck? The Mailbag

The New York Jets have lost 4 out of 5 games, including their most recent pitiful performance against TJ YATES and the Houston Texans. Below you gave us your reasons why they suck and who is to blame, thanks for sending them in through Twitter and you can find more reasons for why they suck right here



Yes! I like the accountability. Nobody forced you to root for this team. If you are like many on Twitter and at MetLife Stadium every other Sunday, you are demanding everybody is fired after 10 games and a triple trade for Colin Kaepernick, RG 3 and MIKE “HE HAS THE INTANGIBLES” GLENNON…along with giving Bryce “He Could Be Our Brady” Petty a chance. Just let all four of them compete it out next year…so unfortunately you may be part of the problem. 

Terrifying Jets Draft Fact #1: They drafted 21 players from 2009-2012. 12/21 currently aren’t on a NFL roster. 4/21 are left on the Jets and only one of them is a plus starter (Muhammad Wilkerson). Thanks, Rex and Mike T! 

Fair. Decker is one of the few Jets who has been good every single week this season. I mean look at this goddamn catch…

Terrifying Jets Draft Fact #2: The Jets drafted 19 players from 2013-2014. Only 2 of them look like plus starters (Calvin Pryor and Sheldon Richardson) and Richardson is probably going to be suspended next year…they also used a draft pick on Tahj ‘freakin Boyd, who is more likely to play in your flag football league than in the NFL. Thanks Rex and Idzik! 

It hasn’t been good. Todd Bowles had me hopeful for the first 5 games but has looked a little shaky the past 5 weeks with the clock management and sluggish starts. Don’t give me more bad coaching to complain about for another half decade, Todd. 

The Gailey criticism has been overdone. Fitzpatrick has admittedly made multiple poor checks at the line and the Jets have had open receivers dropping passes and Fitzpatrick throwing to triple covered guys instead of who is open. Gailey is no Schotty and Morhinweg…which is a compliment. 

The Jets offensive line was always going to be a problem, which many fans didn’t want to hear this summer. Both of their tackles are below average and their guard situation outside of James Carpenter is a mess. Nick Mangold is hurt now which basically means you have Carpenter and four guys who aren’t good at their jobs right now. You know how to make a below average quarterback look more below average? Play him behind a shaky offensive line!

Bowles criticism is fine but do better than this. Who cares what his demeanor is on the sideline? I watched Rex destroy his headset against New England and they lost, I watched Jeff Fisher try to go Any Given Sunday for the Rams on the sideline…and they lost at home to Chicago. Sideline demeanor means nothing. Just manage the game and come up with a competent week to week strategy. 

Unfortunately it takes more than one off-seaosn to repair six years of poor drafting and four seasons of non-playoff football. The Jets need more depth and talent at basically every position except for defensive line, wide receiver and maybe corner. 

Perfect. Schotty is the worst. 

To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the Williams selection as I wanted an edge rusher. I understood it and Williams has played well but damn this team needs some speed at linebacker. Calvin Pace attended the Last Supper and still starts for this team.