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Gorilla At The Zoo Is FED UP, Flashes The Middle Finger




I’ve seen a couple headlines for that video and they all sound a little something like, “Awwwwww look how adorable that gorilla is!  He’s so cute teaching that little girl the middle finger. Inappropriate but still funny.” How stupid are you people? Did you recently suffer a blow to the head?  You think that gorilla even sees that little girl?  No way. Her learning how to toss up the middle finger at that age is just collateral damage. That gorilla is so blind with rage that he finally got fed up with being caged up his entire life.  That middle finger isn’t for the cute little girl.  It’s for the world.  The world that puts him behind think glass windows so soccer Moms can kill time with the kids while Dad is getting blown at the office by his secretary. Well Mr. Gorilla is done playing nice. He’s done entertaining the masses. Middle fingers for all.