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Bulls Win Game 3

Classic Bulls win last night. Like every game we have watched this season all rolled into one. Slow Start, Unreal defense, long offensive droughts, and a terrible end where we just squeak it out. It’s exactly how this team wins games without D-Rose. We have no crunch time scorer, illustrated by kirk taking a falling/stumbling 15 footer when we desperately needed a basket, no consistent outside shooter, but our defense is the best in the league. And this is what it is. This is why Thibs is the best coach in the league. He is doing far more with far far less. Yeah the series isn’t over, but after watching these last two games I don’t know how the Nets can adjust to score against this Bulls defense. Bulls are playing 2004 Pistons level defense. And as bad as they look from time to time, I still think they’re the second best team in the East especially with the way they own the Knicks, as crazy as that sounds.




Is PJ Carlesimo the worst dressed Coach in the NBA? Guy looks like a 10th grade Math teacher that hates his life.