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I Love That Anonymous Has Been Relentlessly Rickrolling ISIS Websites

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Merdiaite- Online hacker collective Anonymous hopes to ruin terrorism’s social media game with a new campaign, but they’re requesting the public’s help in doing so. Why? Because it will take everyone’s considerable thumb strength to spam ISIS with the ultimate Rickroll. That’s right, folks. Viral Internet sensation Rick Astley‘s ’80s-era music career was saved by a famous trolling. Now it’s going to fight terrorism. According to Bloomberg News, numerous Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous and the group’s campaign against ISIS announced the new tactic last week. Despite the fun often associated with Rickrolling, Anonymous stressed the importance of the campaign repeatedly. They were especially concerned with which individuals and groups’ accounts were targeted. “Please take a moment to learn about who the real targets are,” tweeted one account. “Just because a website or post is written in Arabic or is from a person of muslim (sic) faith does not and should not make them a target.”




This is a savvy move from Anonymous. It might seem like a small thing to do but I bet it pisses off ISIS to no end.  It’d be like walking into their house and blasting Western rock music right in their living rooms.  They can’t stand this shit. They can’t stand anything that has to do with America and the way we live our lives.  Even if they don’t know the point behind Rickrolling it still has to make them angry to no end.  ISIS is over there trying to drum up worldwide chaos and kill everybody it seems. Then they click a link and BAM Rick Astley is echoing throughout the halls of whatever compound they’re at and they’re instantly rattled. Anything that throws the terrorists off their game for event a split second is a win for the rest of the world. And who knows, maybe they get Rickrolled so many times that they just end up quitting all this terrorism nonsense and we get world peace.  A person can only be Rickrolled so many times before they give up on life. By the way, we’re good right, Anonymous? Meaning Barstool? I know my boss has said some things in the past that you didn’t love but we’re one the same side here.  We hate ISIS and those terrorists bastards more than anything in the world.  Keep doing your thing. It’s nothing but love. #TeamAnonymous