Nationwide Standing Behind Their Horrible Super Bowl Commercial Where The Kid Just Died In The Middle of It



There everyone was last night, having a grand ol’ time watching the Super Bowl and the ads that come with it. It’s really one of the coolest things, how every year it’s a battle for the best commercial. And just like every year, there were some terrible ones. McDonalds saying that now you can do the Electric Slide and get a free milkshake, no thanks. I’ll hand you a dollar, you hand me a milkshake, don’t need to bring Darren’s Dance Grooves into that transaction. But Nationwide for sure, hundo p took the cake for the worst commercial not just of last night, but ever made. Some executive somewhere decided that we were having too much fun, they had to bring us down a notch and throw a dead kid right in our faces. It wasn’t bad enough that now we have no more football for an eternity (that’s how long the offseason is, fact), they had to kill a kid out of nowhere. If they wanted to get us talking, well, great job! Ya did it! But if that makes you buy Nationwide, I hate every fiber of your being. It’s really not hard to make a Super Bowl commercial- you put monkeys in suits or you use puppies, preferably both. You don’t have emo kid die and then have ginger girl try to suck our souls right out of our bodies.


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.32.28 AM


0/10 for Nationwide.

9/10 for Esurance.