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Jets Waive Quinton Coples

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.10.56 PM

The Jets linebacker corps is absolutely trash. Its just old and slow and injured and bad and disappointing. And none of those guys was more disappointing than Coples. Former first round pick, 16th overall, and he never lived up to that selection. Things were only getting worse for him under the new coaching regime. He’s not a fit for Todd Bowles and so there’s really no sense in stringing him along. Cut ties and move on.

It goes down in the books as another wasted first round pick for the Jets. Put him up there with Gholston and Kyle Wilson and now Dee Milliner as first round busts just killing this team from ever making the jump to be a contender. Its been a lot of feast or famine for the Jets and the draft. Some home run picks but when you…coples…them with these complete swing and misses, it makes it pretty fuckin hard to put together a full team to actually contend.