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This Dominos "Easy Order" Button Is Pure Genius

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Engadget- With more than half of its customers now ordering via its mobile apps, it’s fair to say that Domino’s has pizza delivery down to a fine art. But in this modern age, there’s always room to shave a couple of seconds off the purchasing process. That’s where “The Easy Order” comes in. Domino’s has brought one-click pizza ordering to the UK, letting you hit a physical button to get your favourite pizza delivered to your doorstep. The Easy Order actually comes in two forms: a physical and a virtual button. The physical option is provided by Flic and is a tiny magnetic button that can be programmed to do a number of different things. We’ve seen it used to control various phone functions, like snoozing an alarm or taking a photo, in the past, but Domino’s will pair it with an app over Bluetooth in order for it to become your pizza delivery companion. Simply save your address and payment details on the Domino’s website or app and select your favourite order — the rest takes care of itself.



You know what I love?  I love when major corporations and companies do things that enable degenerates but market it like it’s an advancement in technology. Like when they market Bud Light and say it has great “drinkability.” Drinkability is a cool word that sounds good in a marketing meeting but it’s also a word that says to everyone, “Hey, buy Bud Light.  You can drink one thousand of them.”  It’s the same with this Dominos “Easy Order” button. Sure, regular people will think it’s a cool idea and that Dominos is raising the bar in the delivery world.  When in fact it’s 1000% for hungover people who don’t want to go through the trouble of entering their order and then all of their information and then their credit card info. That shit seems simple but it’s a nightmare on a hungover Sunday when it hurts to breathe. Especially when you see how much money you’re spending. That’s the worst part. Seeing the total cost.  All that money you’re spending on something that’ll likely make you feel worse.  Well with this Easy Order button?  Problem solved. You no longer have to do any of that. You simply press the button and a pizza comes to your house. Genius. An added bonus is when you press the button you feel like you’re launching nuclear bombs. Wins all around.