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BREAKING: 30 More Tix To Be Released For Barstool At The Rink: All You Can Eat/Booze This Thurs - Flyers Vs. Canucks

Buffalo Sabres v Philadelphia Flyers


Who: All worthy souls.

What: Flyers hockey action, yo. Plus all you can eat food and all you can booze beer.

Where: South Philly, the land of degenerates.

When: Thursday, December 17th. Game is at 7. Doors open at 5:30. Bar/Food starts at 6:00 through the start of the 3rd Period (3+ hrs of gluttony)

Why: America.

How: See Why. Also, I have no idea.

And we’re off! The first every Barstool At The Rink in Philadelphia is going to commence this month vs. Vancouver. $98 for a ticket and all you can eat/beer at the Draftkings Lounge from 6:00 till the start of the 3rd period, which is a DEAL. If you just want a ticket and hang out with your fellow Stoolies you can do that, too, for only $45. But seriously, you spend $10 a brew and a billion for a cheesesteak at a game to begin with. To get an all you can dance package for 3+ hours at under 100 clams is a bargain and a half. Not to mention the menu looks fresh to death:

Menu: (from doors until the start of 3rd period)

• Utz Pretzel Nuggets

• Bottomless Freshly Popped Popcorn

• Potato Chips

• Green Salad with Garden Vegetables balsamic & ranch dressing

• “Build Your Own” Chicken Cheesesteak

• Pizza- Cheese & Pepperoni

• Domestic Canned Beer Selection and Assorted Sodas

Pretzel nuggets and beer me till I bust or life is meaningful again, please. Let’s dance.