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ESPN Is Back In Town Tonight – Free Barstool Shirt To Anybody Who Gets An Anti ESPN or Anti Goodell Sign On TV







Here is what people need to remember about tonight. We do not forget. We do not forgive. The North Remembers. Just because the Patriots are 9-0 and the best team in the history of football we aren’t going to let bygones be bygones. Roger Goodell and ESPN tried to sabotage Tom Brady. They tried to sabotage the Patriots. They tried to sabotage every single person who roots for this team. It was an assault on this region. It was a failed coup attempt. You don’t get just walk away from that and pretend it never happened. Mort doesn’t get to just make up lies and then say he didn’t know how to use twitter. Mark Brunell can’t just cry about how unethical Tom Brady is and then pretend he didn’t say anything. Bill Polian can’t keep making up stuff about the Patriots and think an apology at 2am is enough. ESPN can’t hire a new Public Editor who is a lifelong Jets fan that hates the Patriots and act like they are unbiased. Oh no, no, no. ESPN is not welcome around these parts. Not now. Not ever. It’s the job of every single Patriots fan to remind them of this fact tonight. I’m doing my part by once again by offering a free tshirt to anybody who manages to get on live TV with an Anti ESPN or Goodell sign. It’s time to send a message to the fucks in the league office. We will not run. We will not be intimated. And we most certainly will not forget.