Roger Goodell Would Like To Clarify There Is A Huge Difference Between Daily Fantasy and Normal Fantasy Because Umm He Said So




MINNEAPOLIS As the legality of daily fantasy sports leagues like FanDuel and DraftKings faces increased scrutiny from courts in Florida and New York, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sought to draw a line between those businesses and the season-long fantasy football leagues he says the NFL supports. Goodell said the NFL sees a “big distinction” between daily fantasy sports and season-long leagues, which he said are “an opportunity to enjoy the game.” Fantasy football, Goodell said, is “not about making money. “Season-long fantasy — many people probably play here in this room — it’s for fun,” Goodell said during a fan forum in Minneapolis on Sunday morning. “It’s social. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the game, and we encourage our kids to do it. They have clubs in school. It’s a way to connect people, and we think that’s a wonderful way. Daily fantasy’s taken a little different approach. We want to make sure we understand how it would be done. We love people who are going to engage in the game and have fun with it. It’s not about making money. It’s about enjoying the game and enjoying the team, enjoying the players you pick.” The NFL has maintained a public opposition to gambling, though companies owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft have invested in daily fantasy sports leagues.



Ohhhhhh. Now I get it. Daily Fantasy football is different from Rogers Goodell’s fantasy football because people who play “Rogers fantasy” only play it for fun. It’s social. Kids have clubs in school for it. Of course! How could I miss that? Now I totally understand! Picking players with Roger’s fantasy is about enjoying the game and enjoying the players you pick. Picking teams with DFS is evil and not as much fun. People don’t try to win their leagues with Roger’s fantasy. They only try to win DFS. The NFL would never be involved in the evil fantasy except for the NFL teams that own part of it. Now it all makes sense. Daily fantasy and Roger Goodell’s fantasy 2 totally different things. Gotcha.