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This Toddler Going HAM Stealing Tickets From The Chuck E Cheese's Game Will Do Great Things In Life



That is how you get ahead in life folks. You find a loophole, you exploit it, and you run with it full steam ahead. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. Hate us cause you ain’t us. Sorry. Just got on a roll there. This little girl will do great things in her life, no doubt about it. A young Warren Buffett right in front of our eyes. She’s not doing anything wrong one iota. If you see a ticket hanging out of a game machine, you take it. It’s not her fault the tickets are all connected and keep on coming. It’s like those lucky people who go to an ATM and withdraw $100 but it gives them $10,000. All they did was try to withdraw $100, anything extra is just good luck.

As for the boy in the video, c’mon man. “She can’t take all that”. Was he for real with that? Bro, it’s a dog eat dog world out there. That haves and the have nots. Good luck in your life with all your morals and shit. Probably will go trick or treating and respect the “only take 1″ sign on the bucket of king size Twix bars.

And she is dominating every other kid at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Complete domination. She’s going to have so many bouncy balls and stuffed Olafs, meanwhile that boy is going home with a couple of those stupid popper thingies because he wouldn’t assert his dominance.

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