Jason Hatcher Thinks Goodell Is Punishing The Skins With Bad Calls For Not Changing The Team Name

Wow. Look, I’m not much of a conspiracy theory guy. But I’m a big Goodell is a scumbag guy. So instead of sitting here and blogging how obviously it wasn’t just bad calls that lost the game for the Skins, and how bad penalties happen everywhere (even if a ton have been going against the Skins this year) let’s look at it from Jason Hatcher’s point of view: Would it really shock anyone if Goodell wants Snyder to change the name and he’s punishing the team for not? On the heels of this whole deflategate nonsense, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. For an NFL player to believe it to the amount that he’d speak openly about it…just kinda makes you wonder. What if Hatcher is on to something here? What if other players started to speak up?

Stone Cold for commish.