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Yoan Moncada's Offseason Workouts Seem To Be Going Well

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.01.06 PM

Just before the 2015 season, the Red Sox signed Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada, who, at 20 years old, is Boston’s top prospect. This is the same Moncada, who, just this past September, a major league scout said that he’s the “closest thing to [Mike] Trout I’ve seen.” Just eyeballing it here, but it looks like his offseason workouts are going pretty well. I can’t see the number on the dumbbells, but I’m gonna make an educated guess that he’s shrugging enough weight that would literally rip Portnoy’s shoulders clean out of their sockets. Dude looks like he’s due to rip at least 60 ding dongs next year, in what should be his last full year in the minor leagues. The future is bright, indeed.