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Red Eye Columnist Writes The Dumbest Article Of All Time Saying The Blackhawks Should Get Rid Of The Ice Girls Because It Is Sexist


(Source) When Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith made his comments about a female reporter becoming the first woman ref, a lot of things weren’t clear.

It was an uncomfortable, awkward exchange resulting in Keith expressing his frustration in a bad way. Once he brought up the league’s lack of female refs, he was being sexist and should be criticized.

But this was just a blip on the radar of sexism in sports. And it’s finally gotten to me. Sexism is basically encouraged in the four major sports. Why wouldn’t Keith make those comments when the Hawks employ the Ice Crew, the literal skating definition of the objectification of women?

Frankly, I’ve thought for a long time the Hawks should get rid of the Ice Crew. It makes me embarrassed when the crowd roars as those women take the ice.

To make it worse, the Ice Crew was added in recent memory, which isn’t that different from giving a new team a racially insensitive name. We are supposed to be past these things. I mean, I can’t imagine that having women in short skirts and halter tops is the most efficient way to clean the ice. It’s purely for men’s sexual enjoyment.

I can understand cheerleading and dance teams to an extent—at least that’s a performance. But no one shovels ice for fun.

And for a franchise that was lauded for having Brent Sopel take the Stanley Cup to Chicago’s Pride Parade, it’s “Mad Men”-y of them to have women to ogle during a family-friendly event, perpetuating all sorts of stereotypes.

How do you explain that to your kid? It reinforces the idea that women aren’t valued when it comes to sports. Just ask Duncs about that.

You can argue the Ice Crew exists because the fans enjoy it, but there are a lot of terrible things fans would enjoy. It doesn’t make it right.

But now the Hawks can do something to make a real statement and put a stop to this. It could only help pave the way for the first female ref.


Well this has to be the dumbest article I have ever read in my entire life. I can’t even fathom some of the leaps this guy just made in his thinking. First of all, like I said yesterday, Duncan Keith was not being sexist. If whoever wrote this article took one second, just one single second to think for himself instead of piling on whatever the mainstream media’s narrative is he would’ve realized that the woman interviewing Keith was a troll. Plain and simple. Do you know what else she said in the interview? Quote

 Keith: “I went off the ice and took a minus. I don’t know. What are you talking about?”

Thomson: “Nothing. Just checking.”

Nothing, just checking? Does that sound like someone who is being professional? Who the fuck says that? Nothing, just checking. If you can’t realize that Karen Thomson was CLEARLY baiting Duncan Keith and asking absurd questions then you are a mindless sheep.Duncan Keith didn’t say she couldn’t ref because she was a woman, he said she couldn’t ref because she can’t skate. Only a person like you would make the leap to sexism. You  made it sexist, no one else. You.


Now, since we’ve cleared up the fact that Duncan Keith was obviously not being sexist. Lets move on to this whole Ice Girls bullshit. First of all, this argument is always the dumbest thing in the world.


How do you explain that to your kid?


This is basically saying, I have run out of all options in my thought process so now I’m going to bring it down to a child’s level. As if an explanation to a child should be the litmus test for all that is right and wrong in this world.  Raise your kid how you want to, just leave them out of any morality arguments you have created out of thin air. Asking a question like that is the lowest form of discourse.


And as for your argument that Cheerleadering is a performance and that makes it in somehow ok. Well guess what asshole, the women that are skating on the ice at the United Center? They skate better than 99% of the population. What they are doing is tough, it’s athletic, and it’s impressive. Yes the fact that they are scantily clad and all very attractive adds a level of enjoyment but guess what, they choose to be there. No one put a gun to there head. No one said they needed to skate around half clothed. They like the attention. They like being part of the team, and for you to just decide that it’s not ok and should be eliminated all together is essentially telling people what they can and can not do. Last I checked that is illegal, because we live in America, but then again, maybe you need me to explain that to your kid so he can teach you that one too. K, see ya!