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This Defecting Eagles Fan Asking Steelers Nation If They'd Accept Him Is The Worst Type Of Scum On Earth


Hey Benedict Arnold, love it or leave it. And if kid refugees from Syria can’t find solice in America than neither should this assface. Let’s forget the fact this traitor is fake enough to abandon ship on a 4-5 team with a great chance to make the playoffs and a coach who has won 20 games in his first two seasons in the NFL. Let’s focus on how I GUARANTEE he’s right back on the Birds wagon once this team gets rolling again. Well, I’ll tell ya what you fair weather fucker, you’re out. For good. Being a Philly fan isn’t given, it’s earned. You need to walk through years, decades, generations of pure shit to understand and enjoy what a true victory means in this town. 2008 tasted that much sweeter because the faithful spent the 90’s watching games in an empty Vet. Same goes for those who still follow the Sixers now. And for the Flyers and Eagles fans who have suffered 40+ years without a title. You think I like having my soul ripped out of my chest every damn sports season? We’re all in this together. So go ahead, Steve. Wave your Terrible Towel like the phony you are. The only way you’ll be back in is if me and my brothers and sisters drink ourselves to death before the next championship and you snake your way back. Which, come to think of it, isn’t that far out of the realm.