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Woman Tries To Cancel Comcast, So They Rename Her "Asshole Brown" And Send Her a Bill

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Yahoo - Everyone knows that Comcast … struggles with customer service. Now, new evidence has surfaced to suggest that at least one of its employees is also just plain mean. Via Elliott.org, a Spokane, Wash., resident named Lisa Brown claims that, after she called Comcast to cancel her family’s cable, her husband’s name was changed from Ricardo Brown to “Asshole” Brown on her most recent cable provider bill. Apparently, Lisa Brown called to cancel the cable portion of the bill because her family was experiencing financial difficulties and she wanted to cut costs. She was — of course — transferred to a retention specialist, who tried to persuade her to sign up for a new two-year contract. When the specialist proved ineffective, she was charged a $60 cancellation fee.


Bless your soul, Comcast. Ever since I moved during the Summer, I have severely missed calling Comcast every day with a problem. It was like clockwork. Wake up, drink coffee, fire up the blog…and the Internet is down. Turn on the TV….and the cable won’t work. Call Comcast to fix it…and they claim it’s not their fault and they try to charge me to fix it. I could set my watch to it. But now that I have Verizon, this weird thing happens where I wake up, fire up the blog, and everything goes smoothly. Turn on the TV, all the channels come in clear. Look at my bill, not only is it cheaper, but they don’t call me an asshole on it. It’s truly magnificent, but at the same time, I sort of miss the struggle. It’s like a Shawshank thing, I got so used to going to war with Comcast that I had to adjust to everything working the way it is supposed to. When I call Verizon and they treat me like how a company should treat other human beings, sometimes I yell at them out of muscle memory and then have to apologize. So basically, nothing really for that lady to be offended by. Comcast just doing Comcast things, it’s in their DNA to call you an asshole and spit in your face. And they’ll probably end up charging her to change her name on the bill.