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This Quote From Buck Showalter Got The Blood Flowing Into My Pants This Morning



buck 2


The doubters are back! Gotta love the weeds boys! It’s fascinating really. Projections and pundits across the board are saying the O’s are going to be a sub-.500 team in 2015. That they’re going to finish dead last in the AL East. That 3 years of winning baseball and winning the division by 12 games doesn’t mean a thing. It’s silly, but it’s happening, and it arouses me. No joke, full on stiffy in my slacks. Buck and Duq just love playing with fire. They go out and fuel the doubters’ fire by sitting on their hands all winter and then avoid getting burned come summer. It’s like they’re just in it for the rush of shitting on the doubters.

I think Buck would just get bored if there were expectations. Like an ADHD kid on Christmas, he gets sick of his toys. Markakis and Cruz weren’t fun anymore. They became yo-yo’s. They were fun for a bit, but they got old. Guys like Travis Snider (and in the past… Chris Davis, Steve Pearce, Nate McLouth, etc) are like a fresh new box of legos. And Buck takes those new lego pieces and mixes and matches with his other lego sets and builds awesome shit every year. And that’s why baseball in Baltimore is so fun to watch these days. Right now it looks like we’ve got a gigantic mess of boring lego pieces all over the floor, but we’ve got the best damn lego engineer on planet Earth. He’ll make something baller with those fucking legos. Meanwhile the rest of the AL East are laughing at us because they think their Sega Dreamcasts are the next big thing, but they’ll be desperate to throw it in the garbage by July. And that’s when we’ll be the ones laughing.



21 days til Pitchers and Catchers. #TeamLego