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State Senator Greg Ball Says He Wants Dzhokar Tsarnaev Tortured If It Means It Can Save American Lives, Amen


(Source) There was no love lost between Piers Morgan and New York State Sen. Greg Ball on Morgan’s CNN show Monday night. Sen. Ball was there to explain his tweet in which he advocated torturing Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — or any suspect — to get information about deadly attacks. Apparently he hadn’t seen the report that was released last week by a nonpartisan, independent panel concluding that the U.S. did engage in torture on detainees after the 9/11 attacks, but there was “no firm or persuasive evidence” that torture produced information that couldn’t have been obtained in other ways. Ball said, if given the chance, it would have been “me, a baseball bat and Osama bin Laden.”


Slow Clap for Greg Ball. Politicians today are all about PC bullshit. Everyone saying the “right” thing. Constantly campaigning and never putting their foot in the sand. Not Greg Ball. Dude does not mince his words. And his point is a good one. Whether you agree with it or not, torture to save American lives is a compelling argument. If one American is saved I’m down for anything. And you know what, fuck Piers Morgan and his cute little accent, basically trying to spin it on Greg Ball and make him look like a neanderthal. Just like Greg Ball said, most Americans are in favor of his statements, its just our politicians are too big of pussies to admit it. How dem apples taste Piers?



You know how I know Greg Ball came prepared. Permanent fighting brow. Thing never even though about getting out of it’s fighting stance. Not for a second


thanks to andrew for the tip