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Rednecks Have More Fun Than Anyone In The World Part 4,548: Burning Leaves



We should send rednecks over to take care of ISIS. Or at least let them do the strategizing on what we should do to eradicate them. It’s gonna sound weird but I think I trust rednecks more than I trust politicians at this point.  I definitely trust the rednecks to come up with newer and fresher ideas than politicians. What is our current plan to take care of ISIS? Bombings.  Bombs on bombs on bombs on bombs. It hasn’t totally worked. Those asshole are still over there doing ISIS stuff. It’s time to bring in the out-of-the-box specialists: The Rednecks.  Take that video as a prime example.  When you have to get rid of the leaves in your yard what do you do?  I bet you rake them into a pile like a robot then leave them by the curb so the city can pick them up. Such a politician move. Rednecks?  They put them in a big line, douse them in gallons of gasoline and almost blow up the entire neighborhood. Those are the great minds we need working on international terrorism.


PS- I say it every time we talk about rednecks. There needs to be Redneck Camp. Let me go live the life of a redneck for a week or a month or whatever. It’d be the most fun ever. Print money.