Millie The Rescue Dog Experiences A Bed For The First Time And Loses Her Damn Mind



The only thing better than dogs might be beds. Beds are fucking dope. Easily the greatest invention in human history. If society wasn’t so strict and I didn’t have to pay bills and be a functioning member of society, I would never get out of bed. Fact. I’d simply roll myself up into a blanket burrito and stay there until I was dead. There’s no feeling like it. We’re getting to the time of year where beds are even better than usual. Like, in the summer time, beds are cool but they can get hot from time to time.  Winter beds though? Forget about it.  Throw some flannel sheets on that bitch and it becomes the ultimate sanctuary. You know that feeling around 6am when the bed is warm, you’re in a burrito and you’re also  in that euphoric sleep state? I’m confident that is better than any drug on the planet. Heroin? No thanks. I got the good stuff. Warm bed and sleep euphoria. Maybe tuck a pillow between your legs for some extra juice? Mercy! And now Millie gets to play and sleep on beds!  She was outta her MIND and for good reason. First time on a bed ever? Go nuts, Millie. You deserve it.