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Stunt Biker Rider Runs Into A Car With His Face, Knocks Over Said Car Onto It's Roof


Hate when that happens.  You’re coming around a corner and, all of the sudden, there’s a motorcycle there and you come within two inches of putting them 6 feet under.  Most of the time I’m able to dodge them (well, all of the time I suppose.  At least at the time of this blog I have.  I have yet to kill a person on a motorcycle with my car as of 2-17-15.  Let’s keep that streak going).  Not that guy and not this time.  A weird result though.  The biker rider going face first into the car is always expected.  But the car flipping onto it’s back?  You don’t see that every day.  At least the stunt bike rider got his money’s worth.  It’s a small victory when you most likely have to have your face completely reconstructed, but a victory nonetheless.