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The Most Outrageous 7-11 Fight Of All Time Featuring a Crazy Woman Who Gets Hit With a Baton and Crawls Around On Her Hands And Knees



HO-LY SHIT. What a video. What a lady. What a fight. It is good…and then it gets GREAT. The 7-11 clerks showed restraint like I’ve never seen. Probably because that lady definitely has some sort of methy rabies. One bite from her and it’s over Johnny. They are saints for not choke slamming her through the counter.

The boyfriend on the other hand, I guess he’s just trying to be a good boyfriend, but the second she’s crawling around on the ground, that’s when you have to grab a slim jim and just let shit play out for itself. No need to be a hero there. And he ends up getting his ass beat too. Earth to Matilda, let that bitch go.